What we do and how we do it


Our processes include stripping a variety of metals in a multitude of fashions including the following:

 - Paint Stripping
  - Degreasing
   - Pickling and Oiling
    - Electrolytic Derusting   
     - Mineral Deposit Stripping
      - Surface Coating Removal
       - Various Rust Inhibitors

American Metal Cleaning, Inc. has the capability of stripping steel, aluminum, wrought iron, copper, cast iron, brass, zinc die cast, stainless steel and other metals and alloys, although,  all dissimilar metals must be separated prior to processing.  The application of a water-soluble rust inhibitor is applied during the final processing stage, which if kept dry, will last approximately 30 days.  

Since our methods are entirely non-destructive, this enables us to process components that also meet with military specifications without fear of hydrogen embrittlement, molecular deviation or altering tolerances in any way.  Our processes are also safe on rubber and plastics.


We offer "state of the art" computer controlled thermal cleaning for items such as paint line racks, hooks, reject parts, powder coatings and e-coatings.   Our oven is equipped with advanced process controllers to assure a uniformly controlled dual temperature system protecting against warpages and distortion. 

In our 15,000 square foot facility, we also offer immersion tanks as large as 24 feet in length, 6 feet in depth and 8 feet in width to handle work that is normally out of realistic capabilities.  Our overhead crane and multiple forklift availability affords us the liberty of processing heavy duty components with very little effort. 

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